Why The Nukes Dropped Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor and the nukes dropped. War is not something you should take lightly. World War two was particularly difficult for the united states of America because they wanted to remain out of the war. Neutral was no longer an option after what japan did. Before that America was on the sidelines just observing and aiding the ally forces. America was never very happy with what Japan was doing to their neighbor country china. There was tension between the two countries, but America never anticipated an attack so close to the homeland. Should America let it go and stayed neutral or did they do the right thing by invading japan? In 1931 Japan had invaded Manchuria, a small province in northern China. By 1937 Japan had invaded the rest of China and killed just about 300,000 people. It was estimated that by the end of world war two China had lost an estimate of 14 million people. America had stopped trades and done other things to try to get japan to stop but it was no use. In 1940 Japan joined forces with Germany an America didn't like it because Of the Things Adolf Hitler was up to. But Japan just like Germany were not Fans of the Ally Forces. America was surprised when Japan…show more content…
American Citizens wanted justice for the horror that happened the night of the attack. Many wanted Japanese to pay for the crimes they committed and FDR wanted that very much as well. He wanted to do a bombing raid on Japanese soil because japan would least expect it. So, the war went on with the goal to punish japan for what they did. The united states were not standing on the sidelines anymore, The goal was to get to Japanese territory and force them to surrender, but in order to get their territory American had to get through the Pacific Ocean which was heavily guarded by Japanese
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