Why Did Americans Select George Washington As Their First President

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1a) Recall-What precedents did President Washington and Congress establish for the executive and judicial branch?
Congress created the executive departments and the cabinet. Congress also passed the Judiciary Act of 1789 to create federal court systems. George Washington nominated/picked people to fill these positions.
1b) Draw Conclusions-Why did Americans select George Washington as their first president?
The people chose George Washington because they thought he was a honest person, and he was also a good leader. This was because he served as the leader for the Revolutionary War.
1c) Evaluate-Do you think the newly established government met the expectations of its citizens?Why or why not?
It should have met the expectations of the people. If it had not met their
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He didn’t want the United States to go to war again. The United States was already in debt.
3c) Evaluate-Rate the success of Washington’s presidency. Explain the reasons for your rating.
George Washington was very successful. He helped the nation overcome several challenges with other countries. He helped establish a new strong government. He also avoided wars with many countries.
4a) Describe-What role did political parties play in the election of 1796?
The rivalry of the political parties dominated the election of 1796. This resulted into having more than one candidate running for president. Both the Federalist and Republican party had two candidates on their side.
4b) Analyze-How did the Alien and Sedition Acts create division among some Americans?
The Alien and Sedition Act create division between people. Some people wanted the Alien and Sedition Act and other people did not want the Alien and Sedition Act. Those people who didn’t like the Alien and Sedition Act said it was unconstitutional.
4c) Predict-How might the political attacks between the Federalist and
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