Why Did Arthur Miller Write The Crucible

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Why Did Arthur Miller Write The Crucible? Fear very often leads to unexpected and unwanted results. Decisions made in fear are often more dangerous than the thing being feared. In the United States during the Cold War fear had been running rampant. McCarthy, leader of the CIA at the time had used fear to arrest and punish innocent people. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible as way to use a past story to warn the United States about the future. Fear is universal throughout human conflict and it’s seen in history. Being afraid daily was common during the Cold War. This fear led to some regrettable decisions that were actually favored during the time. Arthur Miller used his storytelling to discretely show the US leadership that decisions made in fear were dangerous. Miller in his story had a quote about how “Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.” stating the the Americans may like how the situation is being dealt with but it will eventually cause terrible trouble. McCarthy was making decisions made in fear and it was hurting the US and in fact made it so that if Miller wrote his opinion without hiding it behind a story he too would have been punished and arrested. It can be assured that Miller would have just written his opinion in its raw form if McCarthyism wasn’t a factor.…show more content…
The dangers of letting fear be in control were present in Salem and the United States and Miller wanted people to realize that. Fear was gripping the US and it was in the mind of most people. The leaders in the United States were persecuting anyone who even questioned the US government. Miller didn’t like that but couldn't write his opinion raw because he too would get arrested. He used a story from the past to provide details about the present and this kept him from legal trouble. Miller wrote The Crucible as a way to show that letting fear control decisions is a bad
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