Why Did Augustus Use Propaganda

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Augustus was the first emperor and founder of the Roman Empire. He ruled from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD. Augustus was a man who had unlimited patience, efficiency, and skill who brought peace and prosperity to the Roman life.
Augustus chooses to enunciate achievements of which he either earned himself or achievements that were given to him by the Roman senate/Roman people. The first achievement he mentions is the fact that he raised an army at the age of 19 to restore order and liberty to Rome. As a result of this, Augustus tells that the senate enrolled him in this order, giving him consulship, imperium, and the people elected him consul and a triumvir. He chooses to point out many things throughout, such as the amount of money and
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This document could be considered a piece of propaganda because Augustus is a very persuasive person, he uses his ideas to improve Rome by making it more powerful, morally righteous, and more secure. Propaganda is used to not only show Augustus’s ambitions, but also to show the nation of Rome. He chose to use propaganda because one he wanted to establish power and second because he wanted to establish peace and stability. Augustus’s use of propaganda was very deliberate and very well thought out. Augustus propaganda to promote values including military success and religion. Propagandistic communication was used in many different forms some include commissioned work, poetry, and sculptures. Augustus impressed ideas of religion onto the Romans through imagery on coins, he commissioned many temples, and by making his sculptures. Without propaganda, I feel Augustus’s achievements would not have spread as wide and the respect he gained would not have been as prominent. I think they may have helped with his length of reign and would have stopped his ability to be as successful as he was with his achievement’s. However, I do believe propaganda highly influenced Augustus’s
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