Why Did Ayn Rand Believe In Objectivism?

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Why did Ayn Rand believe in Objectivism?
Is relying on yourself for every situation a good thing? Ayn Rand grew up with lots of political influence in her home country Russia. Ayn Rand’s books were very controversial in the political side of things she went along with a lot of objectivism, which in simpler form means that you can only use rational self-interest to survive.
Rand taught herself to read and write before school (Motowski 153).When she started school she took German and French classes, but her favorite were math and logic. She also took American classes which inspired her political ideas. Throughout her teen years she spent a lot of time reading French magazines which inspired her to write as an adult (Motowski 153). She was hard on herself and was considered kinda anti-social: “I have few friends.”(Rompalske 4) Rand spent her summers traveling with her family but had to stop because of the communist movement. Once World War I started Ayn started to notice the effects on the Russian Government. Communism had bad effects on the Rand family because her father was a business owner the communist government took private businesses away from the owners. Ayn realised what was wrong with communism and she did not agree with it and she shows how communism is bad for a country in her
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While Ayn Rand had already been an atheist which most religious parents will not let their kids read (Motowski 152). Some of her political ideologies did not go over well with our government because most governments want to have control of the people while the objectism in her books basically said people should think for themselves. Rand had some controversial actions as well she cheated on her husband for 15 years and then broke that off and her husband never divorced her (Rompalske 3). Even through her books were controversial she still managed to sell
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