Why Did Banquo Die In Macbeth

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The reason Macbeth kills his friend Banquo is because Macbeth is afraid the second part of the prophecy will come true. The prophecy was spoken by the three witches came true so far, seeing as Macbeth became King of Denmark after killing King Duncan. He is also afraid Banquo will find out that he is the one that kills King Duncan because the prophecy claims that Macbeth will be King of Denmark. It might also be that he is afraid that Banquo would assicaint him so his son could become king because the prophecy says the Banquo will not be king but his sons will.
So he kills his friend Banquo because the second part of the prophecy says something like, Macbeth will be king, but no sons taking his place. Banquo will not be king but will bare sons that will. Macbeth is jealous that his sons won’t be king but Banquo's sons will be. He sees a threat in Banquo and Fleance,
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They are the ones that put the little encouragement that Macbeth need along with the help of Lady Macbeth. Though, the three witches didn’t tell Macbeth that he had to keep killing in order to stay king, or in order that he had to stay alive. They didn’t say that, he had to kill his best friend, but Macbeth felt the need too. If the witches, had just left out the part about baring sons, and who son's would be king. Banquo would still be alive. The three witches like chaos and evilness and that is why they had told the best friends the prophecy.
The witches might of have something to gain, causing Macbeth to go crazy or maybe they just like people to go crazy.
It is morally wrong to kill anyone, it doesn’t matter if you want to be King, Queen, President, or etc. You don’t kill people, back in the day you did as they thought it was the way of the fittest. If you can’t protect yourself from your own people, then how are you suppose to protect the whole village from
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