Why Did Benedict Arnold Win The Revolutionary War

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There are many famous Americans that helped America win the Revolutionary War. Benedict Arnold however, did not and tried to aid the British to victory. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut. Arnold’s father was a successful businessman who wanted his son to be well-educated and successful as well. After three of Benedict’s siblings died, his father fell into an alcohol fueled depression. The family lost most of their money and became financially troubled. Benedict left school and started working at an apothecary. Arnold enlisted in the militia and left his Connecticut home to fight the French in upstate New York. Two years after he enlisted, Benedict’s mother died so he traveled back to see his remaining family and care for them. After being arrested repeatedly for drunkenness, his father died in 1761. Arnold settled in New Haven and was a bookseller.…show more content…
He joined this group because the Stamp Act restricted merchant trade in the colonies and Arnold shared trading ships with a merchant, Adam Babcock. After assaulting a Parliament associate, Arnold was charged with disorderly conduct and was fined. When the Revolutionary War began in 1775, Arnold joined the Continental Army. Working with Ethan Allen and his men, Arnold managed to capture a British official. Later that year he worked to ally Canada with the Patriots, failed miserably, and managed to severely injure his leg. This loss lead to hundreds and deaths and injuries to the American Soldiers. Later the next year Arnold performed brilliantly at the Battle of Lake Champlain, rescued the Patriot forces from disaster, and made up for his humiliating loss. In 1778, after his leg was injured again, Arnold became military governor of
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