Why Did Brutus Caesar Join The Conspiracy

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Joining The Conspiracy Alexis Star once said, “If your friend is the type of friend who stabs you in the back, they shouldn’t be considered a friend.” This quote relates to my topic by talking about true friends. Brutus is one of Caeser close friends and Caesar trusts Brutus. Brutus is planning on going behind Caesar's back and murduring him. There are many reasons why brutus should not join the conspiracy. The main reasons are, Brutus could be a more terrifying leader there ever was, they might be killing one of the best leaders they could of had, what happens if there plan does not work, and the people of Rome are going to be mad. The reason that the conspiracy doesn't want Caesar to be king because they think he will be a terrible leader and they are jealous. Brutus should be happy that one of his friends is going to be king but instead he is jealous. Brutus is scared that Caesar is going to be a horrible king. How would he be any better though? He is planning to kill one of his friends and that shows what kind of leader he would be.…show more content…
He did get a big head, but who wouldn't get a big head when everyone is praising them. Just because he has a big head doesn't mean he would be a bad leader. Is Brutus who is going to be leader? The leader of the conspiracy? Whoever becomes leader how do they know that they won't get mad at them and just kill them too. It's a bad idea for Brutus to join the conspiracy. What if the plan doesn't go how they want it to go? If Caesar found out that they were planning on killing him, he would probably kill all of them first. Brutus is already a close friend of Caesar's why put his life on the line. Brutus is just taking advantage of what he already
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