Why Did Cabeza De Vaca Stay Alive?

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Eating bugs isn’t a very popular choice of food today, but to Cabeza de Vaca they must have looked like a feast. Cabeza de Vaca was a spanish explorer who crash landed into the gulf of Florida. He and his fellow explorers were very creative in their ways of trying to get to Mexico City, but they crashed again on the Galveston coast. Cabeza was captured by the native Karankawa indians and lived with them for 6 years, and eventually walked for almost 2 years to get to Mexico city. After getting to know his story you may be wondering, how did Cabeza de Vaca survive? Although he had alot going against him and was in a constant battle to survive, I think there are 3 main things he did to stay alive: he learned many of the native languages, he became a well known healer in close tribes, and he gained his captors trust. First off, Cabeza used his skill of quickly learning languages as an advantage to staying alive. In the begining when Cabeza was taken by the Karankawa, it must have been very hard for him to communicate with them since he didn’t know their language. Therefor he could have easily given the impression that he was hostile, so Cabeza used his skill of learning languages to stay alive. Cabeza educated himself in 4 different…show more content…
He survived. He survived the ship wreck, he survived being captured by indians, he survived being in slavery, and he survived his way back to new Spain. Although I know that languagaes, being a healer, and gaining trust aren’t everything he did, I beleive that if he didn’t take the time to do them he probably wouldn’t have been able to write a story about his journey. In conclusion I beleive that Cabeza de Vaca has a incredible story on how he survived and I defidently look up to all the acheivement he accomplished and the compassion he gave towards the indians although everyone in his time
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