Case Study: Chambers Hire Chamberlain

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Case 12-2 Questions:
1. Why did Chambers hire Chamberlain? Do you think this was a good idea? Explain.

Chambers hired Chamberlain because she lacked skills in the marketing industry and needed help in continuing on with her business. She needed someone to help manage her company and keep up with other competitors. Even though Chambers already had a successful business she lacked branding skills and marketing skills. Without a partner for her company she could easily lose what she has, due to the lack of education she sincerely needed to keep up with her competitors.

I think it was a good idea for Chambers to hire Chamberlain. There is nothing wrong with having a business partner to handle the marketing portion of a company. I think
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They will be able to get their products in stores that they didn’t have before. The book mentioned Target and Wal-Mart for the large retail chains to start pushing to get their products on the shelves (Ivancevich & Duening, 2006, p. 345). They will eventually be able to push for other stores as they begin to grow their company. Since Chambers will have a business partner, she can make sure that she will have someone along her side to keep up with the growing business and it’s opportunities to bring their products into other stores. Since she has already had famous celebrities by from her company, she knows that business will continue to grow and she will need to keep up with the supply and demand.

3. What aspect of the business do you think Chambers should spend the most of her time on? Explain.

Since Chambers will have Chamberlain as a business partner to work on the marketing side of the business, Chambers should focus on her products and the quality of them. If the company gets strong marketing skills, she will need to make sure that she can keep up with the quality in her products. If any mishaps or flaws become of her business, it could put a dent in the company that is not wanted. She also needs to focus on developing new ideas for the company. Even though she has strong products that have high interest in customers, there is always a need to expand
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I have had a lot of instances were trial and error have taught me lessons that no one else has taught me before. That in my mind, it not a bad thing, but helps you develop stronger skills in the world. Some things you can be taught about success and failure, but you really have to experience the professional world before you can truly understand what it is about. Communication skills and work ethics are a big part of being successful. If you lack communication skills in the work place, it can easily ruin your reputation and the trust you have with your co-workers. Work ethic can be hard to learn, but people need to understand that our world is made of many different cultures and individuals that may not have the same view on things like

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