Why Did Charles Town So Hard To Settle?

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Why Was Charles Town so Hard to Settle? Settle; to settle is to adopt a steadier lifestyle, especially in a new home or job. These “settlers” adopt a new lifestyle in the New World, specifically Charles Town. Charles Town was extremely difficult to settle in for an immense amount of reasons. A few reasons were because of the geography, resources, and diseases. These reasons made Charles Town very difficult to settle in because many settlers would die, and many times the geography would mess up the settlement. The amount of resources that they had was also a big deal,, if they had too little, men would die, if they had a plentiful amount then that would be good. One of the reasons why Charles Town was so difficult to settle is because of its geography. The map that was made by a cartographer in 1671 showed that water was a very abundant natural resource. There were many waterways and a large ocean (the Atlantic Ocean) that were very close to Charles Town. This geography could become an advantage and a…show more content…
South Carolina was very flat landed, “The land of South Carolina for a hundred or a hundred and miles back is flat and woody;” There are many different soil types. Near the beach it was more of a sandy soil, and near the sides of rivers it resembles “castile soap”, a kind of white color. The settlers also said that they found a very rich “black mould.” These soils were key to growing plants, and food. The animals that lived in the area also affected resources. The animals would kill other animals, such as deer. Deer were an animal that settlers ate and needed. The animals that lived in the area were “Beasts of Prey” they consisted of, “Panthers, Tygers, and Wolves.” These animals were threats to the resources, which made them threats to the new settlers. This document shows that the amount of resources that the settlers had made Charles Town so hard to settle
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