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I believe Shaun Callarman whom focuses on Chris McCandless is quite harsh in saying Chris had no common sense and saying that he does not admire him for his courage when Chris McCandless was a brave, wise and intelligent man. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he started his journey on going to Alaska. I think that he wanted to explore the wild and experience a different life other than the one he had. I disagree with Callarman saying McCandless was bright and arrogant at the same time. He had no business going to Alaska but that was his tactic for getting away from society. He made mistakes based on what made him happy. I admire him for his courage in taking action to get away from “plastic people”. Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) was not crazy, he just had big ideas.
Chris McCandless was always being judged by his father. His father was never satisfied with what Chris would accomplish.
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Although, Chris took action into going to the wild very quickly without thorough thinking of the consequences that could have come across his way he did have a very good time exploring the wild and met amazing people along the way that made him appreciate society in the long run. Chris had the opportunity to experience a different life other than the one he had. Unfortunately, he died because of the quick decision he made on going into the wild and not being prepared for it. Chris had a good life as a wealthy man, but he never enjoyed it. McCandless was very primitive and never bragged about his wealthiness. Do you think I want some fancy boat? I don’t need a new car, I don’t want a new car, I don’t want anything (McCandless, 2008). I admire Mccandless for this very reason. Disregarding the bad decisions he made; his openness was enough for me to esteem him. Chris McCandless, a brave, wise, naive guy is a person to have respect
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