Why Did Chris Mccandless Want To Do

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Christopher McCandless , son of wealthy parents name Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, graduates from Emory University as a top student and athlete. Chris McCandless is smart from coming from a intelligent home but show is ignorance by leaving and doing what he want to do. Like when he started from El Segundo , CA and wanted to travel to Alaska without money and even his own social security card which was a wild bet for him to make. But for Shaun analysis about how Chris is arrogance and plain crazy i disagree. Because if he want to go struggle and see how it feels to go into the wild i say let him. But usually graduates from high school who were forced to do school in their childhood don’t want to continue after and don’t want to follow what…show more content…
Just because he got tired of the society and lifestyle he was living. So if someone wants to do something they want to do and live then left them live their life. And if you don 't let them do what they want to do then they will force they way what they want to do. But Chris did that will not track to be followed and had fun but struggles in what he wants to do.

People don’t seem to understand when you need to be free and do what you want to do. So just like running away or staying where you 're living there will always will be consequences and advantages too. For Chris I say he made the smart choice by running away and be free in what he wants to do. But he knew it wasn’t going to be easy to heading to Alaska because some of the advantages were leaving society and be alone and travel his own transportation there which was walking and asking for a few rides. Then some consequences that occur was McCandless killing a moose. In a few days, the meat is rotten and overcome by maggots.Even traveling was a problem some times because if he tired he probably can’t walk that far or even when he doesn’t get a ride he sits there for probably a break which he hates because he wants to hurry and make it to Alaska. But that 's a consequence which he needs to deal with for traveling alone going free to do what you want to
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