Why Did Colonists Decide To Fight For American Independence

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Miriam Murillo Professor Brett Bell History 110 October 5, 2015 Colonists and Independence Since the colonists came from Britain, they were under the hands of Great Britain. However their name changed to label themselves as “Americans” when they decided to fight for independence from the country that had hold them captive for years until 1776. The question is why did they decide to finally seek freedom after a long time? Based upon evidence from Martin 's A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier and our primary source Voices of Freedom the British mainland colonists decided to seek and fight for independence from Great Britain for many different reasons. These books gives us a better insight of why the colonists decided to. Some reasons include no taxation without representation since the British wouldn 't give them a voice, they would be their own voice. Also they were denied their rights as Englishmen and they didn 't like King George the 3rd since he had a history of repeated injuries, and usurpations, and religious freedom among others which I will explain more in detail. The main reason is that Americans were being oppressed by the British. When the British enacted the stamp act, it…show more content…
According to primary Source Voices of Freedom, one of the main persons that convinced the Americans colonists to fight for independence was Thomas Paine since he offered the most persuasive argument for American Independence. He published a pamphlet titled Common Sense in which he recited principles of hereditary rule and monarchial government stating that after freedom the new nation will become “an asylum for mankind.” One example of the great and well known soldiers that were involved in the war for liberty was Joseph Plumb Martin, the Patriot. Martin always did his duty, he was present during the British’s siege of Fort Mifflin and during the capture of Cornwallis. While at Fort Mifflin Thomas Paine said, “They had nothing but their bravery and good conduct to
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