Why Did Dreyfus Killed The Third Republic?

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During 1870, France was at war with Prussia over unifying Germany in the Franco-Prussian War. After losing they suffered severe humiliation and were sent into a state of political instability. During the time, France had angered the citizens of Paris because they had surrendered to the Prussians, and the citizens of Paris, who had a strong sense of nationalism, would not accept that. As a result they attempted to overthrow the government in the Commune of Paris. Eventually, they were suppressed by Adolphe Thiers when he came into power and formed the Third Republic. The Third Republic was a parliamentary republic that was very corrupt and unstable. Subsequently, it suffered from several scandals that led to the punishment of innocent people and overall suffering among the citizens of France.…show more content…
He was convicted of treason and sentenced to life on Devil’s Island. The evidence presented against him however was false and fabricated by others. When this information was brought out into the open by the press, the entire country divided into two parties: the ones who supported Dreyfus's innocence; and those who stubbornly believed he was guilty for French honor, national integrity, and racial purity. Eventually, Dreyfus’s name was cleared when the court decided he was innocent. All in all, the French government from 1870-1914 severely plummeted at the creation of the Third Republic which was caused after the humiliating loss in the Franco-Prussian War which also resulted in loss of respect from the French citizens towards their government as well as corruption in the
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