Why Did Edsel Discontinue The Model-T?

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Ford was so adamant that the Model-T that he was willing to fire his son in law, Ernest Kansler, when he tried to persuade him to make a new model. Edsel got upset, Edsel was the president of the Ford Motor Company and he was going to make some decisions of his own. To Edsel’ dismay, he and his father only quarreled about solutions and resolutions would take years. Henry Ford thought he knew what was best for the people but Edsel knew better. Edsel wanted to give the people what they had been pleading for.
On May 26, 1927 Edsel and Henry unionized to celebrate the production of the 15,000,000th Model-T. As the journalists had finished all their interviews Edsel decreed that the Ford Motor Company would discontinue the Model-T and start a production
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