Why Did Gael Fill The Hole Essay

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There was no known Earth before Gael, the God of Earth. He would roam around the heavens, looking for dirt holes. Whenever he would find a dirt hole, he would throw rocks into it. He would throw enough rocks to fill the hole entirely. He loved when the dirt holes were filled. One day, Gael found an unusual looking dirt hole. He decided to throw a rock in, and then more rocks. It seemed the rocks were not piling up below. Gael looked below and seen a meager light. He continued to throw rocks down the hole to see if the light would go away. Gael was getting frustrated that the light would not go away. He then decided to start digging in the hole. Gael was digging for weeks. Gael didn’t know what he was going to do once he found the base of this…show more content…
He was always finding new seeds and planting new plants. Gael found apple seeds by mixing a peach seed and an almond seed together, that’s why some apples are a reddish brown. After planting many fruit trees, he wanted someone to talk about his success with him As soon as Gael planted his final seeds, he realized, he needed other people to help him take care of this tree. Gael had an idea to create others like himself, he decided to call them, humans. However, Gael did not know how to create a human. He looked at himself and took some water and dirt, mixed it and started on his project. Gael wanted his first human to be perfect. He made approximately thirty humans before he understood that he could not create the perfect human. He did have those thirty people, though, so he put them to work. He ordered ten people find seeds, ten people plant seeds, and ordered the last ten people to find other surrounding land. The first ten to come back to Gael were the ten that found land. Gael jumped out of his seat and went to explore the new found land. The new-found land was Japan. Gael was ecstatic that there was more land than just the island he remained
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