Why Did George Murdoch: What Really Happened In Great Britain?

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George Murdoch
On Wednesday 29th of September 1983, two cyclist seen a taxi driver in trouble. He was being held down and strangled by a passenger of George Murdoch, 58.
The cyclist sped off and called the police, from a nearby phone box, but when the police arrived it was too late George was dead.
George had just finished a fare in the West End of Aberdeen, He picked up a man from the New Marcliffe it was a posh hotel. The man had been refused service as he was wearing jeans. George picked him up and pulled out into the traffic, what happened after that is only known by George and the man.
It is believed that the customer must have told George to take a different route, leading him down dark, quiet roads. George was stopped on Station Road, police think the customer had told George to stop, then wanted to rob George of the money he earned that night.
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As George was left to die, a passer-by saw him lying next to his car, he used the cab radio to call for help. Police were already on their way, the cyclists had already phoned them.
A man matching the description of the killer, had been seen in a chip shop just 1 mile away from where George had been killed. He was covered in blood, and had scratches on his face. He was never caught.
In March 2015 almost 32 years later, the family of George have offered an award of £10,000 for anyone who can help solve the murder of George Murdoch. The murder is still

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