Why Did Georgia Established A New Colony Essay

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1.) Why the colony was founded It had been more than decades since the British had established a new colony. James Edward Oglethorpe, and an English general, along with 21 other men, created a charter to settle a new colony which they named Georgia in honor of King George II. The grant established land between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers as well as the waters of these rivers. 2.) Who founded the colony After years of planning and two months crossing the Atlantic, James Oglethorpe and 114 settlers climbed 40 feet up the bluff from the Savannah River on this day in 1733 and founded the colony of Georgia. George II granted the Georgia trustees a charter for the colony a year earlier. 3.) What natural resources the colony was known for Georgia was best known for marble, lots of minerals, manganese, iron, copper, coal, oil, clay, stone, kaolin, sand, and gravel. The main features were mountains like Ridge Valley Appalachians in the west, Blue Ridge Mountains in the northeast, and Coastal Plain in the south. 4.) Hardships the colony had to overcome Georgia was founded in 1733 with the aim of relieving…show more content…
James Oglethorpe exercised a leading role in the movement to found the new colony. He confided to his friend John Viscount Percival that he intended to help released debtors begin a new life in America. In fact, Oglethorpe had received a grant of 5000 dollars to carry out his plan. On September 17, 1730, the associates presented a petition for a charter to the Privy Council, Parliament's executive body, headed by the chancellor of the exchequer, Robert Walpole. The petition was routinely passed on to the notoriously inefficient Board of Trade, which dawdled for a year without acting. Walpole, the prime minister, was less than eager to challenge the Spanish, who had a prior claim to the region requested by the
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