The Hyperinflation: The Rise Of The Weimar Republic

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After Germany lost the world war one and before the leadership of Hitler, Germany was ruled by a new government. The Kaiser Wilhelm fleeted to Holland. A whole new country called Weimar Republic came to the power. The country was like a dangerous house, very unstable and easy to destroyed. During this time period, many Germans suffered for living. Germany some huge damages on other countries. Germany was required to pay the recovery for the war cost. This was listed on the Treaty of Versailles. The government is really weak and it couldn’t help Germany strong again. Germany got a lot of problems. People didn’t trust the Weimar and accused the governors as traitors. The money had no value. France and Belgium was invading them. Many small parties…show more content…
About 132 people died. General strike wasn't a good solution for Germany. Who will pay the workers? Of course, the government need to pay it. So the hyperinflation begun to exist. The national bank just keep printing money. We know war is very expensive. During the war time, the currency printing rate become eightfold. The printing rate of 1923 was 720 million times higher than 1922. The paper money became useless. This event had significant impact to Germany. There are too many incredible things can happen in those years. This is an example of hyperinflation. People’s had lost their all savings. Imagine how terrible will be if you spend your life time to save one million in the bank and suddenly the money become nothing. The boss need to give his or her workers salaries twice a day and they will spend it right after they got the money. Germany must find a solution to stop all of these insane things. A new chancellor, Gustav Stresemann ordered the workers go back to work. He replaced the old mark with the new currency called Rentenmark. In 1924, America started the Daws Plan, which means they are helping Germany on their repression. The condition in Germany became better and better until the Great…show more content…
Many political parties rise up. Some army leaders and noble didn’t want to rule by people that is lower than them. Therefore, Weimar had no military support. Spartacist party, which is the left wing party, begun a revolt at January 1919. On December 23rd, an effective event broke out. Thousand of unpaid sailors broke into the government . This event encouraged the Spartacist party. They hope the country can run by worker council like in Russia. Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Leibknecht are the leaders. They were communist and the Soviet Union lend money to support them. Many people were worried about the communist. A group called the Freikrops finally came out and destroyed them. They are nationalist and
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