Why Did Goebbels Use Propaganda

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The Helmuth Huebener Group Hitler was an expert of deception. Most German citizens were left in the dark about the war for years due to the use of propaganda, although a few very brave Resistance fighters fought back to this propaganda. Through leaflets to lethal force, Resistance fighters continually tried to spread the truth about Hitler. Helmuth Hubener and his friends were very brave Resistance fighters who tried to expose Hitler’s propaganda. Hitler was able to deceive German citizens throughout the Holocaust; and even during the last few months of the Holocaust, many Germans still believed that Germany was winning the war. Although Hitler was not behind the intricate propaganda that was fed to the Germans; in 1929, Hitler chose Paul Joseph Goebbels to control the media in Germany (“How Did the Nazis Use Propaganda”). Goebbels became the Minister of Propaganda and Public Information. His main goal was to build up Hitler’s public imagine and “Nazify the German Culture (“How Did the Nazis Use Propaganda”).” Goebbels even controlled the kind of books that the German’s read. Any books that did not glorify Hitler and the Nazi culture were burned. Hitler even had Goebbels remake schoolbooks so that they promoted the Nazi party. Goebbels and Hitler even banned Jewish people from writing or reading newspapers. Any media that…show more content…
Most commonly, the person would be sentenced to death. Other punishments included being sent to a concentration camp and being removed from the country (McNab 215). These punishments were both uncommon though, as Hitler thought it was a waste of time to keep anyone who tried to go against him alive (“How Did Nazis Use Propaganda”). Citizens could also be taken to court, where a proper trial would be held. It impossible to win any court cases though, since all German judges worked under Hitler and were required to do whatever he told them
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