Why Did Great Britain Have An Industrial Revolution

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Great Britain was the first state to have an Industrial Revolution after 1750. One of the main reasons was due to the farming growth in Great Britain. There were many changes that were happening to the farming industry and livestock that led to the rise of food production (Spielvogel 597). The British were able to feed their citizens for a cheaper cost than most of Europe. The British did not have to spend most of their income in purchasing groceries. Another reason why Great Britain became the first state to have an Industrial Revolution was due to the rapid supply of wealth. By the middle of the 18th century, Great Britain had become the richest country in the world. This was due to the invention of new manufacturing equipment and the building of…show more content…
Coal and iron ore were essential in the manufacturing progression (Spielvogel 597). The British began to build new roads and overpasses. Around the 1750s and 1760s the construction of canals started (Spielvogel 597). These canals were built to connect with other areas of Europe and increase trade. The British government also played an important role in the development of the Industrial Revolution. They were in favor of this growth by having a constant administration (Spielvogel 598). They developed regulations that guarded private property. They also had the least limitations on private contractors than any other European country (Spielvogel 598). Some of the basic features of the Industrial Revolution were the invention and development of technology. The cotton industry was able to expand due to the creation of recent factories. In 1768, James Hargreaves's spinning-jenny was able to create large amounts of yarn. In 1787, Edmund Cartwright invented the power-loom (Spielvogel 599). This device made the weaving process catch up with the spinning of yarn. After 1820, new machines were created and replaced the
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