Why Did Hamlet Not Kill Claudius

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death. He could not perform the act of revenge because he was not prepared for that. He is in a state of emotional turmoil. He could not face squarely the moral ambiguity of revenge Another cause of Hamlet delay is the issue of regicide. Hamlet is afraid of death, either suffering it or inflicting it on someone else and he is finding it difficult believing a murder that he did not witness or that he is not sure of its circumstances and as a result its revenge seems almost impossible to him. Hamlet could not kill Claudius because of the fear that nobility will be against him. Claudius is not an ordinary person. He is the King and head of Denmark with a lot of immunities protecting him, therefore killing him is accepting whatever…show more content…
He was so depressed about his father’s death that he has lost his sense of reasoning. Even his mother testifies to the extent his father’s death affected him when she told Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that “And I beseech you instantly to visit my too much changed son” (Act II, Scene 2) Again Claudius did mention Hamlet’s condition when he said “The need we have to use you did provoke our hasty sending. Something have you heard of hamlet’s transformation” (Act II, Scene 2). Hamlet himself has lost interest in Denmark; he now refers to Denmark as prison. Denmark, he used to love and cherish as paradise has lost its taste and now he sees Denmark as prison. The thing is that his father’s sudden death was a shock coupled with the fact that his mother could not wait for his return before she married Claudius and Claudius accession to the throne were so fast that he could not comprehend all these happening at the same time. He sees everyone around him as acting funny, being dishonest and working along with Claudius as if the death of his father means nothing to them. The book the meaning of Hamlet suggest that Hamlet was suffering not from some pain “melancholy” which could have cause his inaction. The book point out the “other critics have tried to trace Hamlet behavior even deeper into the diagnostics of Renaissance psychology, into the psychological
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