Why Did Hamlet Want To Kill Claudius

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Cracking the spine of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, the pages are overwhelmingly filled with anticipation. “Hamlet” is a book with many conflicts; the number one conflict in the book was Hamlet vs. Claudius. Growing up Hamlet, the prince of Denmark knew Claudius as his uncle. When Hamlets father passed away, just two months later, Hamlets mother remarried to Claudius. Claudius had replaced Hamlets father as the king. Meanwhile Hamlet was grieving. Soon after he was visited by a ghost. The ghost told Hamlet that he was his late father, and that Claudius murdered him. Also the ghost wanted to make sure Hamlet knew that his mother was innocent and not to take any revenge on her only Claudius. At first he did not know if it was true or not. Having several opportunities to take action he remained motionless. Hamlet wanted to be sure that this was the right thing to do. He wanted to have a thought out plan to take revenge on Claudius. Hamlet was wise with his actions throughout the book. He had opportunities to take revenge on Claudius, but he was waiting for the right time and place. The first time he had a chance to kill Claudius was when he…show more content…
Was it because he had strategically planed or was it because he was not positive his uncle was the murder? Hamlet was smart with how he made everyone think he was mad. He wanted to through off everyone to make it easier for him to take vengeance for hid father. This shows that Hamlets mind thinks differently and is always thinking. At the end of the book Claudius wants Hamlet to drink and was deliberately forcing him to drink. At this time Hamlet was acting mad and everyone thought it was real. But a mad people would not have thought about that the drink possibly being poisoned and not to drink it. Hamlet did not know this at the time but Claudius poisoned the drink. Hamlet was never mad, just very smart about the way he let people receive his
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