Why Did Hillary Clinton Use Social Media

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I will in my essay, write about how Hillary Clinton uses social media in her election campaign, and how she can get the citizens’ attention. I will also withdraw the way Barack Obama used social media to get attention, which end pretty well. At the end I will end with a conclusion First of all, I’d like to introduce you to the main topic social media. Social media is a place that allows people to communicate with each other, create and share information, opinions, pictures and ideas. Social media has been very common among young people in few years. Especially Facebook has been a habit for most people nowadays. It’s an easy to get power, which is a part of the reality. ( ) Social media can be used in many ways when it comes to election. The candidates use it to communicate with the…show more content…
One of the things Obama did was to include a link to every tweet he wrote, where you can donate, to for an example Climate change. This is an important way to come close to the citizens and you will show them your courtesy in different points. Hillary Clinton has a very big chance to win the Democratic Party’s candidate in 2016; one of the reasons why she has such a big chance is because she is already known by her husband Bill Clinton, who was the US 42nd President through two periods. If Hillary Clinton uses the social media, the same way The White House and Obama, she will definitely get success. Like The White House you need to bring humor in you tweets, and get personal too sometimes, you can also bring a video, hire a pro if you are busy. You can collect and analyse data, it can help you to guide messaging and target channels. Nowadays Political institutions such as politicians, political parties, foundations and institutions are all using social media. They use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the citizens ( ). This will help them to see how many people they are going to reach, and who they are
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