Why Did Hitler Commit Suicide

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His suicide is something that has been debated since it happened; did he fake it? Why did Eva Braun (his lover/wife) commit suicide as well? He was a psychopath why wouldn’t he want to face what he had created with pride? He was going to die anyway from the Parkinson’s, why didn’t he just wait it out? The main questions surrounding Hitler are usually why. The background to this is that Hitler, Eva, and a few other key personnel were hidden in a bunker, when they heard of the invasion of Berlin and the Ally forces closing in on them, Hitler and Eva decided to commit suicide and some Nazi officers burned their bodies; by the time the Allies got there the only way to identify them was by dental records. After Hitler committed suicide, it was likened to a “spell” being broken (source unknown). The public support of the Third Reich broke down completely, the officers abandoned their posts and fled, and the concentration camps were left to eventually be found by Ally soldiers.
Hitler was a man of great talent, power, fortitude,
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I don’t know if there is any way to fully understand the type of person he was, but as previously stated, he was fully aware and comprehended everything he did during his years as Chancellor and Dictator of Germany. Stress, paranoia, depression, a borderline personality disorder, Parkinson’s even, there is no excuse for what he did. He was not just “evil”, he was a psychopath, a genius, and he almost destroyed a good portion of the world. If there is anyone in the history of the world worthy of being called the devil, it’s Adolf Hitler (1889-1945): Chancellor and Dictator of Germany, Chief of the Third Reich, Head of the German Army, Head of the German Nazi political party, husband to Eva Braun, son of Alois and Klara Hitler, possible Jew, possible homosexual, and executioner of over 11 million
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