Why Did Hitler Die In The Bunker?

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They all say that hitler died in the bunker, but there is no strong evidence, so did he flee to Argentina? Hitler was looked up to, he was considered an epitome of the perfect human according to the Germans, they saw him as hero because he helped get them out of the Great Depression and helped them achieve great things. People were getting their business back, money, and getting their jobs and everyday life back. He made them think it was the Jews that caused the Great Depression just because the fact they were Jewish people. Hitler conquered many places starting with Poland , which caused a domino effect and caused war from Britain, France, Belgium and many other places. Hitler decided he wanted more and more, people said that he wanted to take over the entire world, and others say that that was just a propaganda. Hitler then proceeded to try to take over Western Europe, then invaded Soviet Russia in 1941. One of Soviet Russia’s allies shoved the nazis away and the Nazis began to back down. One year later, Germany got invaded, and Hitler realized he had no chance of winning and recalled all the horrible things he had done and knew he would face tremendous consequences. Hitler took his close friends and hid in a Berlin bunker,…show more content…
I mean, there are remains that were left there but it was a skull so it MUST be Hitler’s skull right? Wrong. In 2009 they did a Dna test on the skull and found out it was a female skull not a male’s. So they concluded it was Eva’s skull, but if it was Eva’s remains what happened to hitler’s, could his remains have been burned and they just assumed he was dead? When a body is burned, the first thing that gets burned is the extra petrol, which makes the body even hotter. The extreme heat makes the remaining body fat to melt. Since the corpse is being burned the body starts to lose all it moister that it was storing. The torso begins to abruptly
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