Why Did Hitler Join The Holocaust

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How did Hitler, a young innocent Austrian boy, become the evilest man in history? It all started with Hitler’s dream of being an artist. Hitler didn’t want to do any art he wanted to become a commercial artist. Hitler would submit his art to a museum but the museum would reject his art. After being rejected, Hitler joined the Nazis. Hitler and the Nazis were the evilest people in history. They hated the Jews and communists, so they would kill everyone one of them they could find.
The Nationalist Socialist Workers Party stands for N.A.Z.I. in German, but in English it stands for N.W.S.P. Hitler saw an opportunity to be in control of the Nazis. Hitler joined the Nazis and rose in power until he was in complete power. The citizens of Germany really liked the plans of the
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A Jew is someone that believes in Judaism. The reason why people during World War II hated the Jews was because Hitler thought the Jews were responsible for their loss of World War I. Hitler believed that out of all the races, there was only one perfect one. That perfect race was the Aryan race. The people that were part of the Aryan race were people with blue eyes and blonde hair. The world was not all the Aryan race because the Jews were polluting the Aryan race, thought Hitler. So, Hitler could only do one thing, kill all of the Jews but before it got to that point it started off with just painting Juden on all the Jewish shops and having all the Jews wear a yellow star of David on their clothing. These things started to get much worse. Concentration camps started forming to keep all the Jews there. Then, Death camps were forming where they would kill the Jews. Hitler killed about 11 million people. 6 million were Jews and 5 million were communists and people that didn’t agree with Hitler’s
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