How Should Adolf Hitler Use Collective Security

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What path should the allied powers have gone down in order to create a world peace? Would the world consist of less poverty? How would world history and economy be different from how it is today? Nations opposing Adolf Hitler should have used collective security to potentially stop a world war. Three reasons why opposing nations should have used collective security is because if Hitler were appeased, then he would continue to imperialise other nations. Secondly, collective security would have been used to stop the growth of power of Adolf Hitler, especially the size of his empire. Lastly, a civil revolution could be created inside of Hitler 's central source of power, Germany, only if force was taken. If nations continued to appease Adolf Hitler while he grew to power, he would continue to imperialise more and more nations. There wouldn’t be anything or anybody to stop him, so why should he stop taking over more land to grow his power. If Adolf Hitler is not threatened, there wouldn’t be a reason to stop invading other territories. If he is not placed under pressure then he will be given time to think out his plans to successfully…show more content…
When the Treaty of Versailles was set in place, a loosely defined area called the Rhineland was to be unoccupied. Again, Hitler violated the treaty and sent his military into the Rhineland. The other nations could have been blinded and didn’t notice that Hitler slowly eased his way into more and more areas in which were neutral or were to be left alone. If other countries would have responded to this, it would have changed Hitler 's view on how vulnerable and weak the other nations are. Not only this, but Hitler explained his movement as a “return to European collective cooperation.”(doc. 3) Hitler does not even have to think twice about what he is doing. He explains the occupation as basically a rise up to
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