Why Did Homo Erectus Able To Migrate

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The reason Homo erectus was able to migrate and separate itself from other hominids was due to its dexterity, change of anatomy, use of tools, and intellectual abilities. For starters, the change in its anatomy helped keep its temperature controlled, allowing for changes in climate. The widening of nostrils allowed for air to warmup in its circulation, the longer legs allowed for longer periods of walking, and the changes to the skull provided more cushioning for the brain. This lead the way in being able to survive in colder areas of the Middle East and Asia. Also, their use of tools allowed them to cook their food and keep it longer. Along with being easier to eat, the cooked meat would last longer in colder winters were food was scarce. Their brain was also greater in size and capable of thinking of more complex thoughts. This lead to better hunting techniques, as well as collecting fruits, berries, and plants. With the combination of changes in anatomy as well as their survival behavior, Homo erectus surprised nobody being able to be one of the first to migrate out of Africa.…show more content…
When we dug their skulls up, we also found an array of stone tools, as well as gathering spots. This concept of a gathering spot was new to hominids, as nobody before them had taken the time to collect their food in such a manner. The hearth also suggested gathering places were close to sleeping areas. In the environments of Homo erectus, reflections in modern sapiens behavior was made, especially with the hunter gatherers in some parts of the world. They have to solve many of the same problems we do, leading to their knowledge about tools and

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