Why Did I Deserve Julius Caesar's Fame?

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As Julius Caesar stated, “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.” This quote from him shows what kind of person he was in his time. Julius Caesar was said to be an amazing ruler who would do anything he could for his empire, he was said to be able to show honesty, confidence, and that he was full of hope. According to multiple sources including “UNRV History”, Caesar was not as great as he was said to be. Before he was a ruler, he was just a man who had ideas. He indeed was very intelligent and creative but he was also selfish. He was one of the many famous people who did not deserve how much fame he was said to have. He was selfish, put many lives in danger, and only cared about power. The first reason why he did not deserve his fame was because of his selfishness. He was not as selfless as everyone said he was. He was said to be helpful to all Romans and listened to all Romans needs. According to UNRV History, “Caesar lost touch with reality and he put his face all over coins which was illegal back then. He also made the Romans build him a palace and he was also said to have sent squads to arrest anyone who said he was unfair or took liberty from the…show more content…
Multiple sources say that Julius Caesar was the top military general and the best ruler the Roman Empire has ever had. According to Caesar gave an advantage towards Romans by having his tactics the way they were because they requied more men to use them. Even though he was able to supply more jobs for Romans, that was largely offset by the costs of the wars. He was said to have caused a large economic disruption and a large number of deaths. Even though this had happened he continued using his tactics against enemies to win as many battles as possible to reach his
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