Why Did Islam Spread Quickly

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Islam spread quickly all across West Asia of Byzantium and Persia. It spread due to three important factors. Islam spread quickly due to the church and state connection by legal government rules, having pre established trade routes and how many wars and raids were guided by muslim beliefs. One of the reasons that Islam spread rapidly was because of the church and state connection in the government. As shown in “ The Ordinances of the Government” each statement mentions the Islamic religion at least once. In statement 3 it is explained how in the government should act if a citizen tries breaking the law of Islam. This law states if a citizen tests the law of Allah then an Islamic Imman must explain and give the penalty due to the citizen…show more content…
In the map of the spread of Islam, it points out the major cities and how many different ways the Islamic religion spread out of each city. This map tells us that many Muslim followers during this time spread the religion quickly through trade routes and major cities for example, Medina and Damascus. This map also references dates often conveying how quickly Islam spread, and how influential the Muslim people were with their religion as they moved their religion moved with them. Every time a new date of the expansion of the Muslim religion the area shaded on the map gets increasingly larger. The purpose of this map is to give us a visual image of the major trade cities and how vastly widespread the Islamic religion was by 750 BC. Before 750 trade routes were established through the Byzantine and Persian empire as shown in the map of early Islam. On this map illustrated as the main city for all other routes to Medina,Ctrslphon and Muscatt, was Mecca. Around the time of 570 the Islamic religion had not yet flourished and become popular based off of this map. My understanding is that this source exemplifies the idea Mecca had a central religious base and that it was more well known as a trade center. Mecca was originally popular for its trade items that passed through the city such as metals, ivory, silk etc were coming in from every carnal direction. Making this city an amazing place to set…show more content…
In a “Short History Story” It explains how the old ways of war were destroyed due to the Islamic people not being able to participate in attack warfare. There solution was to not allow soldiers to attack others because it was against Muslim law. This document, points that fighting under Muslim rule had an influence of the people fighting in these raids/wars and also on the people being conquered. The bigger picture of this document is that Muslims of this time 622- modern day don 't believe in war at all however sometimes it is the best/only option. Religious wars were often influenced by the Muslim laws, and as explained in the “Origins of the the Islamic State.” This document written in 850CE has the outlook that many Muslim followers who took place in war based their beliefs in Allah. Giving credit and often thanking Allah for helping them to win the external war. Often times when a group of Muslim are fighting a non group of Muslims it would be called external jihad or holy war. By having their faith in Allah and thanking Allah for there success in many occasions of war, it had a strong influence in the spread of Islam because they won the physical land. Raids and war that were based off of the Islamic religion influenced the spread on land and the rules the soldiers used to fight and win these wars expanding and spreading the

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