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Why did Islam spread so fast? In 610 CE A man named Muhammad was outside of a cave meditating and soon began hearing voices. As he listened he heard them say “Give birth to a religion called Islam.” Islam began to spread faster than any other religion. Other religions disagreed with this because they didn’t want to believe that Islam was bigger and better than their religion. After about 140 years, many followers of Islam had created an empire that ruled the Middle East and spread across to North Africa to Europe. There are many reasons why Islam spread so fast, however the main three reasons was trade, winning battles, and treaties. Trade Routes was an important part of how Islam grew so fast. From document A, it shows the map of all the trade routes leading to and from Mecca. First they had crossroads of profitable trade. They would trade perfumes, precious metals, incense, and silk filed through their town, headed North to coastal town. When they would trade overseas to the Arabian Peninsula, they traded spices, textiles, and spices from Asia. Mecca was rich due to travel connects to Europe, Asia and Africa. Trade became such a big thing in Islam, it was known as... Another…show more content…
In document C, it shows us something like the real treaty would have said. The treaty allowed the christians and the jews of Spain to keep their king and their religions, however there was a price for this. They had to pay in taxes, such as one dinar each year, four measures of wheat, four measures of barley, four liquid measures of vinegar, four of honey, and four of olive oil, however slaves had to pay half of this amount. Their churches were allowed to stand still, they wil not to be separated by their family and friends, and they will not be killed, nor taken as prisoner as long as they follow the rules laid out for them. Around the time that this treaty was made it was much better than other cities

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