Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Dbq

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Rahul Bagga Mr.Campbell US History, Period 0 16 December 2015 Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? One day that will always be remembered by America is the date of December 7, 1941, which changed American history forever. December 7, 1941 was the day the Japanese warplanes attacked Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) which stationed many of American ships and airfields. Immediately after the bombings, United States President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan, leading to a direct involvement into World War ll. Japan had many reason to do so but Japan attacked Pearl harbor for three reasons which were that they had a plan for a new world order, United States were expanding their number of naval ships rapidly, and an oil embargo was placed upon Japan…show more content…
Japan had first created a plan to bring new order in Asia of 1938 (Doc.C). Time went by and in the beginning of 1941, Japanese high schools and colleges were required to teach about the new world order idea to help everyone understand the process (Doc.A). Japan believed that the old order of both the Europeans and the American controlled systems was crumbling. They believed that their new order led by their emperor would take over and replace the old order (Doc. A). The new order is becoming a reality shown on the map where Japan has control of most of East Asia which consists of Manchuria, China, and French indochina by 1940 (Doc.B). So in order to carry out their plan, United States needed to be removed leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because the U.S. was becoming a threat with their rapid growth in their Navy. Naval Expansion Act was passed on July of 1940 which would allow the U.S. to triple their naval ships by 1944 (Doc.C). This starts to worry Japanese prime minister and war minister Hideki Tojo, who later meets up with top Japanese officials on November of 1941, to secretly talk about the United States Naval Expansion and how it is a danger to Japan future (Doc.E). So Japan attacks Hawaii, Pearl Harbor because they needed to stop the U.S. Navy before they became too strong to

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