Why Did Jews Treat Each Other Inhumanity

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Why Did Jews Treat Each Other Inhumanely What do you think is the reason what makes those Jews treat other humans so inhumanity? In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, Jews are treated so badly by the Nazis in many ways. Therefore, they treat badly to other humans because the Jews lost their faith, they want to survive in the camp, and they were treated as subhuman which means they don’t need to be civilized anymore. First of all, the Jews acted so inhumanly to others because they wanted to survive in the camp. A father and a son both died because they were fighting for a bread in order to survive. “His son searched him, took the bread, and began to devour it. He was not able to get very far”(Wiesel 96). This example shows that a father and a son are fighting for the piece of bread and hurting each other, and the father and the son died at the end which showed their inhumanity to other humans in order to avoid from the hunger. Other Jews…show more content…
The Jews did not manage themselves like humans, so the SS shouted at them when they escape. “Faster, you swine, you filthy sons of bitches! Why not” (Wiesel 81). Therefore, the SS hurried the Jews up and abused at them with dirty words, which showed that the Jews weren’t respected, so it showed they are treated as subhumans. The Jews were put into cattle wagons by the SS, which is a kind of humiliate to those Jews. “An infinitely long train, composed of cattle wagons, with no roofs. The SS pushed us in, a hundred to a carriage, we were so thin” (Wiesel 92). This shows the Jews were put into cattle wagons where the animals were supposed to be put in, which shows the SS treated the Jews as subhumans and unfairly. In general, those Jews treat others inhumanly because they are treated unfairly as subhumans so they thought they don’t need to act as humans
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