Why Did John Adams Win The Election Of 1800?

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The election I choose to write about was the election of 1800. The two main opponents were John Adams of the Federalist party, and Thomas Jefferson of the Democratic-Republican party (The Election of 1800). John Adams was running for re-election, and his vice president, Thomas Jefferson decided to run against him. The Federalist party had played a major role in our brief history as a country, as they helped ratify the Constitution (The Ratification Debate). The Federalists were pushing for more federal power, but the Democratic-Republican party was pushing for more power from the state government, which helped them gain a lot of support. The Democratic-Republican party won the election, and the Federalist party crumbled after this. This election was significant for the time, as it marked the first peaceful transition…show more content…
Because of his work helping create this country, he is considered to be a Founding Father. He was sent to France as a diplomat, and played a key role in making the peace treaty that ended the Revolutionary War (John Adams). He was very well respected by his peers when he got back, and became the first Vice-president of the United States (John Adams). After George Washington left office, Adams won the next election and served as the President from (1797 - 1801). He was a member of the Federalist party. During his presidency, John Adams made a vital mistake that deeply divided his party. France and the US got in a skirmish, and the US won. They both were not in the mood for war, so they resolved the situation. When Adams sent a peace mission to France, the federalists became deeply divided on the subject (John Adams). This would be key to the next election, where the Federalists would be unorganized and never win another election (John Adams). One thing that makes Adams very important was that he held the country together after beloved war hero George Washington left
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