Why Did John Brown Raid Essay

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John Brown played a significant role in starting the movement to abolish slavery. Before his raid on Harpers Ferry, John Brown was already considered an abolitionist and a radical thinker. Brown focused heavily on violence during his movement. Brown’s protests, raids, and attacks against innocent people are all examples of the bloodshed that resulted from his movement. Throughout the 19th century, Brown led several antislavery attacks in the Midwestern states. Brown’s attack on Harpers Ferry aimed to arm slaves and spark a revolution. However, the raid was unsuccessful and led to Brown’s capture and death. Although Brown’s raid was a failure, the question of slavery was brought to the forefront and people had no choice but to answer. Tensions began to heighten, and the discussion of slavery eventually led to a Civil War. Although what Brown did is considered wrong by many people, his actions are justified religiously by helping the oppressed, and by being a spark for a significant cause in America’s history. John Brown’s upbringing was extremely religious. He was raised as a Calvinist, which means he had a very literal interpretation of…show more content…
They praised his bravery for attacking the issue of slavery head on. Henry David Thoreau was one of the many that defended Brown. In Thoreau’s plea for Brown he says, “He is not Brown any longer; he is an angel of light”. Thoreau can see how Brown had taken the initiative to do what needed to be done in order to not only stop slavery from spreading, but to fully destroy the institution of slavery. Many believed Brown to be a man of truth and they held a deep respect for his grit. Brown believed in a justice driven society that valued the equality of all people. His ideals and beliefs that bloodshed was necessary for the abolishment of slavery were true. Brown’s idea of bloodshed being needed for the end of slavery foreshadowed future events including the Civil
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