Why Did John White Come Back To Roanoke Island

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A group of settlers from England moved to Roanoke Island which is located in the Atlantic Ocean in sixteenth century. Moreover, there were so many people that landed on the island included 117 men, women and children from England. However, after all of them lived in the island for one month, they found that they lacked of food. Then, as the leader of the colony, Governor John White that known as White felt that he need to act so he went to England again in order to get more food because all of them need more suppliers of food. Somehow, he found so many mysterious things happened. Next, after he got out of the Roanoke Island, he found out that he could not return to England because there was so difficult to get the transportation to go there due to the war between England and Spain. So, he decided to come back to Roanoke Island to meet his colon, but he found no one at Roanoke Island. In addition, he also cannot find his family like his wife, his daughter, his son-in-law, and his granddaughter. It seemed like everything become so weird and mysterious. Moreover, he remembered that he gave order to his colony to find another place; then, he found the letters “Cro”…show more content…
Futhermore, they also find that Croatan is not only the name of the island close to Roanoke Island, but also it was the name of the tribe in eighteenth century and this tribe also can write and speak English because it is assumed that English people married with the local people and created Croatan’s tribe. Therefore, it cannot be said that the colonists moved to Croatan Island at all because of the fact that Croatan is not only the name of the
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