Why Did Joseph Goebbels Use Of Propaganda

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Joseph Goebbels, the German rulers’ propaganda chief, helped propel Hitler to national leadership in 1933. Joseph does this by pulling in support from all over the country and strong powers on the outside as well. By the use of propaganda the Nazis will influence the supports for anti-Semitism and later on the movement against other countries. Goebbels intentionally capitalizes “WE ARE ENEMIES OF THE JEWS BECAUSE WE BELONG TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE. THE JEW IS OUR GREATEST MISFORTUNE” to emphasize on that if you’re a German citizen you are against the Jewish religion. This being a nationalist society would be forced to adapt to the situation or face dire consequences. Without Goebbels, it is unlikely that the entire movement would have had the amount of success with any type of propaganda or influence for the German public to follow.…show more content…
These movements being innocent in the eyes of the beholders will turn opposite and cold by the end of this historic time period for those involved and historians. Fascism starts in Italy, will later be reshaped into a new government and exposed for the real dangers it could portray. Nazism although just a branch off of fascism, still would not be possible to have been attained without great propaganda techniques and knowledge. Hitler can thank those around him for the support cause without them and without fascism all of this could’ve been

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