Why Did Joseph Stalin Rise To Power Essay

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One of the major keys to Stalin's rise to power was his title as the General Secretary of the Communist Party. He gained this title in 1922

In 1924 when Lenin died it was expected that Trotsky would resume the role of leadership. Stalin schemed his way into power by using his General Secretary title and other political moves.

He was a harsh man from the very beginning. He didn't attend his mother's funeral and he did not make any efforts to save his son from a prisoner of war camp.

Stalin played his opponents against one another and he used his poor background to seem more appealing to the people

His second name should be back stabber because he eventually came to full power by arresting and executing his
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investigation shows Stalin could have ingested warfarin, a powerful rat poison. But the true cause may never be known.


Stalin was the head of both the Communist party and Soviet government from 1924 to 1953

He had a peculiar interest in power and not ideology

Stalin was an active promoter of this cult so as to link his name with Lenin's. After Lenin's death, much against his wishes) a personality cult was created around his memory. Using methods such as embalming his body and putting it on public display in Red Square, Lenin's image appeared everywhere in posters film, statues, etc., and Petrograd was renamed Leningrad.

This was called the Cult of Personality

The for Lenin made it easier for Stalin to create one around himself. There were celebrations for his 70th birthday in 1949. A hug picture of himself hung over Red Square in Moscow. He also had a city named in his honour in 1923 Tsaritsyn became Stalingrad..

Stalin was portrayed in various different guises; Stalin with peasants, Stalin with workers - they are all designed to show him as an ordinary man of the

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