Why Did Julius Caesar Join The Conspiracy

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Joining the Conspiracy In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, there is a conspiracy planning to murder Caesar. This conspiracy consists of people who think Caesar is going to become a tyrant and Rome will be corrupt if he is crowned. Brutus, Caesar’s best friend, is deciding if he wants to become part of this conspiracy. At the beginning of Act II, he decides he wants to kill Caesar. Brutus had no justified reasons to murder Caesar. In his soliloquy Brutus says, “I have no personal reason to strike at him” (II, i, 10). Some of the conspirators weren’t sure if Brutus was going to join the conspiracy for sure so they tricked him to become a part of it. Brutus then thought that Caesar was too powerful and he shouldn’t be crowned. One of the conspirators, Cassius, knew Brutus was confused and conflicted about what to do, so he forged fake letters to him. Some of these…show more content…
If Brutus is really as smart as they think he is, why was he manipulated into killing Caesar? The opposing side might also say, some people can easily be persuaded to believe whatever they hear. Well would you be okay if you’re best friend went behind your back and didn’t support you? Brutus was so afraid that Caesar would make Rome so corrupt that he decided that the only way out of it was to kill him. Overall, Brutus and the conspiracy had no justified reasons to kill Caesar. They only assumed and thought what Caesar might do. Brutus feared that Caesar would have too much power and feared what would happen to Rome. None of the conspirators talked to Caesar in person what his plan was if he got crowned. Brutus thought Caesar would manipulate the people of Rome, when he was manipulated himself, which caused the death of his best friend. Therefore, there was no justified reasoning in killing Caesar and Brutus should not have joined the
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