Why Did Julius Caesar Not Hurt Rome

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Historians may argue that Julius Caesar helped rome to make it better and stronger for the people. While this might be true this is misleading because all of Julius Caesar's good actions like giving people more jobs,but it just covered up his worse actions that hurt rome. Also Julius Caesar was named a awful man throughout history from not persevering in hard situations, hurting not helping rome, and doing things for himself.

To begin with Julius Caesar was named a awful man from how he didn’t persevere in hard situations. One way he didn't persevere was when Sulla (the emperor of the time) ordered Julius to divorce Cornelia (his first wife) because she was from the family of Sulla's enemies. According to social studies for kids .Once Julius didn't he ran into hiding instead of fighting back. This shows that he didn’t persevere in hard situations because he just ran away and didn’t fight back. Another time when Julius Caesar didn't persevere
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For example, he did for himself is when that he would only marry for an heir and not for anything else. This connects to doing things for himself from only wanting his legacy to live on. He did this by when his most recent wife didn't give him an heir he would divorce them or marry someone else. Him then doing the same thing over until he had an heir . Another example is that he did things for himself is when he started a war to get higher. Two of Rome’s leading figures, Pompey the Great and Crassus. ¨Together the three of them became known as the First Triumvirate and controlled Rome throughout the 50s b.c., until Caesar and Pompey, after Crassus’s death, went to war against one another in 49 b.c.¨ (-history.com) . To add on Julius Caesar did things for himself is that he would change rome to help himself and the government. This connects to julius caesar doing things for himself by lowering the rations to help the government get more
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