Why Did Lbj Sign The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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Why Did L.B.J Sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964? One July 2, 1964, pens were used to change the lives of every American citizen. L.B.J was born on a farm near Stonewall in the Hill Country of Central Texas and was really smart and had tons of energy; He decided to become a teacher. Why did L.B.J sign the civil rights act of 1964? If principle decisions are based on strongly-held beliefs, then Cotulla Teaching, Ignoring Southern Reaction, and Change of Heart show that President Johnson was motivated to sign by his principles. One reason that reveals President Johnson’s principled motivation can be found in Doc A. L.B.J first job after college was being a teacher in Cotulla, Texas. He was teaching Mexican children who were poor but tried their best to learn and look nice for school. He wanted to teach this school of 5,6, and 7 graders because at the time there was poverty and segregation and was willing help even if…show more content…
L.B.J was ignoring southern reaction when the electoral votes were going on. He knew that the southern were just voting because that was his home town and for the person he is. He wanted votes for his reasons why he came to be elected and to help american citizens. At the end, he lost the election by 48 votes but was still trying to do the right thing to save the civil rights. A third and most important reason of L.B.J.’s principled intentions is evident in Doc E. In this document it shows the change of the heart and “free at last”. In the document it states, “If he felt so strongly about the issue, why had it take so long to act on it?”. This is trying to say that he felt confident about change american citizens that they were surprised that it did not take him longer. That is because he was trying to do a good thing and wanted to do it right. Finally, he as worked so hard and has completed what he needs too and says, “I’m free at last.” meaning that he could
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