Why Did Lenin Take Joseph Stalin Rise To Power

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In the years before Lenin’s death, Stalin wasn’t seen as the heir-apparent to be head of the communist party in the Soviet Union. Stalin wasn’t at all important to the forming of the party or the takeover of the provisional government in October. He was an outsider within the party until he was giving commissioner of nationalities which was Stalin’s first leg up in gaining power over the communist party. Moreover, Stalin was a tactical man who would outsmart and maneuver his enemies by manipulating the public before killing off his opponents to rid himself of opposition. The first example of Stalin successfully overcoming opposition begins with Lenin’s death in 1924 and who will become the head of the party. The most obvious choice for this job is Leon Trotsky who many considered to be Lenin’s right hand man. However, Trotsky was not very well…show more content…
The opposition first started with Trotsky when he underestimated Stalin. Additionally, Trotsky believed Stalin was mediocre and a blur whereas Lenin wanted Stalin replaced and had various doubts about him and the loyalty to the communist party. When Lenin died, the first line of opposition collapsed and soon Trotsky would fall beginning with edited photos to manipulate people into believing Stalin was more involved with Lenin than Trotsky. Also, Stalin giving the eulogy at the funeral but outmaneuvering Trotsky by telling him the wrong day of the funeral to make people believe Trotsky didn’t care about Lenin or the party. On Stalin’s way up to becoming the head of the party, he encountered Kamenev, Zinoviev, and Bukharin. Kamenev and Zinoviev were old party members and leader in places like Petrograd
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