Why Did Mercantilism Start

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As mercantilism was a growing idea in Europe, many countries started colonizing much of the New World. Mercantilism is the idea that a country power depends on their wealth. As the Spanish took control of most of South America to Central America and the French controlling Canada, very little land was controlled by the British. Spain had a monopoly on importation from the gold they collected from their colonies. The British wanted the same, they wanted to earn profits from the New World. The first move by Great Britain to successfully colonizing the New World was Jamestown in Virginia. Jamestown was founded for one reason, economic opportunities. This reason is one of the many reasons why some colonies were found, to make a quick profit. Other colonies, such as Pennsylvania, were founded to escape religious persecution in England. The colonies that were founded were either a Royal colony, this is when the government had full control of the colony. Another type of colony will be a proprietary colony, where one or two people had the right to rule by the British crown. A proprietary colony was the most common type of colony, but at the end all 13 colonies were under the rule of the British government. To earn the right to land you had to get a charter, a document giving you right to land in the New World. This was issued by the king and in return you must promise to give…show more content…
(1) Mason was cleaning up land that was given to him in the New World. He shared this charter with another that goes by Sir Ferdinando Gorges. Gorges and Mason divided their grant, Mason took the western part and named it New Hampshire. (2) New Hampshire was planned to be a fishing colony, and it became one of the most successful fishing colony. Unfortunately for the colony of New Hampshire John Mason dies in 1635, who spent much of his fortune, but never saw the new
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