Why Did Mussolini Rule Italy

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Mussolini attempted to rule Italy with a combination of love and fear, but was not successful. When he tried to show love to his people but the groups who were inspired by him showed fear to the nation. Mussolini was hated by the people but was able to gain their support after the fall of Italy. Italy also did not have a lot of natural resources for trade that meant the nation was poor. He went back on all his promises and allied himself with Adolf Hitler. Mussolini tried to show the people love but the groups inspired by him went out and showed people fear. A group called the Fasces who symbolized the ancient Roman authority where inspired by by Mussolini. Though the groups were not created by mussolini local leaders took control they swept…show more content…
They would gather the socialists, burn down union and party offices, and also terrorized the local population. Many people called radicals were humiliated, beaten, or killed then in late 1920 the blackshirt squad (another name for the fasces) began to attack local government institutions and prevent administrations to take over the power. When mussolini got wind that he was their inspiration and encouragement he tried to take power over the group and tried to order similar raids over and around Milan. The Fascist movement started to gain a broad amount of support Mussolini began to plan a way to gain power of the national level. By late 1921 the group had controlled a large part of Italy but left during postwar years due to a collapse in the nation. In 1922 Mussolini finally gained partial control over the party and used it to his power, he declared that the government needed to prevent the general strike or else the Fascists would and in fact some volunteers of the party did help to prevent the strike. Mussolini had gotten “evil” and used the group's power to his advantage, during

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