Why Did Nile River Shape Ancient Egypt?

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How Did the Nile River Shape Ancient Egypt? The Greek historian Herodotus once wrote, “Egypt… is, so to speak, the gift of the Nile.”(Doc. E) Ancient Egypt was one of the most important river civilizations. It was located around the world’s longest river, the Nile River. The river was full of important resources. It was made up of the Black Land, the fertile lands around the Nile, and the Red Land, the dry deserts beyond the Black Land. The Nile River shaped Ancient Egypt, both figuratively and literally by influencing the geography of Ancient Egypt, spiritual beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Egypt’s calendar year. The river was full of food, fresh water, a good way of transportation, provided silt, and increased trade. The Nile River shaped Ancient Egypt’s geography and location in several different ways. The river provided plentiful resources such as fish, fresh water, and silt. Thus, Egypt was located around the Nile. The majority of the population lived in the Nile River delta because the land was fertile, you could fish in the river, and transportation was easier by boat. Trade flourished across the delta and all over Egypt because transportation was extremely easy. Boats traveling to the north could simply follow the current with the help of steering oars. There was a way to…show more content…
In a painting in a tomb of a tradesman, there was a painting of what the Egyptians believed was the afterlife. (Doc. D). The painting showed that the Egyptians believed that the Nile would continue providing resources, even after death. (Doc. D). They believed that even in the afterlife, they would need the Nile for survival. (Doc. D). The Egyptians wrote hymns to honor the Nile. (Doc. E). They worshipped the Nile because they saw it as a powerful god who had the power to make people happy, sad, and bring death: “Hail to you, oh Nile, spring from the ground, come to keep the land alive.”(Doc.
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