Why Did Pancho Villa Attack Columbus

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than Villa thought and he lost far more men than he expected. Meanwhile, the other half of his men were raiding Columbus. During the raid seventeen Americans were killed and about 40 more were wounded. Stores were burned and looted for supplies and people were robbed of jewelry and other valuables. The Villistas lost about 120 men. Many of them were killed by the 13th Calvary, who eventually chased Villa and his men back across the border into Mexico. Historians have different reasons why they think Villa would chose to attack Columbus. Especially since his forces were so depleted going from 8000 at the height of his rebellion with his Division del Norte down to only a few hundred men at the time of the Columbus raid. Some say he was so desperate for supplies and guns he was willing to risk the attack. Others say he wanted to…show more content…
attempt to capture Villa. Pershing commanded about 5000 troops including four cavalry regiments, two infantry regiments and two artillery units. Eight “Curtis Jennies” airplanes were also sent to Mexico to try to help spot the Villistas in the mountains. With this powerful military, Villa should have been captured quickly, but Pancho Villa had a few things on his side. While the Mexican government didn’t stop the Americans, they also didn’t help them. Carranza insisted his federal troops could deal with Villa without help from the U.S. Villa knew the mountains and the land. This was his home. The Americans could never quite get used to the harsh land and rugged conditions. Also, Villa still had the support of many Mexican people. In little villages and towns throughout Mexico, the people would care for the Villistas. They would treat the wounded, and provide food and shelter and weapons if they had them. They helped Villa hide and escape, time after
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