Why Did Pocahontas Save John Smith's Live?

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Adventures in Werowocomoco

In 1608, King Powhatan’s tribe captured John Smith. Smith was brought to the tribe’s establishment and met the friendly King who was very kind and promised Smith’s freedom in four days (Smith, A True Relation). However, in his later writings the king was described as hostile and violent, causing Pocahontas, the King’s daughter, to run out in front of her father to stop him from beating John to death (Smith, General History). Did Pocahontas save John Smith’s live? The answer is no, Pocahontas did not save John Smith’s life because it was never in danger; the “attack” was a ritual to welcome Smith into the tribe.
The king was friendly form the start, “…the emperor welcomed me with good words and great platters of food” (Smith, True Relation), and he liked John Smith and wanted him in his tribe. Smith was under few obligations: to bring the king hatchets and copper. Smith was to be set free in four days if he was cooperative, which he promised to be. “And so, with all this kindness, he sent me home” (Smith, True Relation). Why would a king that was so kind before, suddenly try to kill Smith. There is no reason; therefore there must be another explanation.
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This was most likely a way of welcoming him into the tribe, “where a young woman in the tribe pretends to save a newcomer as a way of welcoming him into the tribe” (Lemay). When Pocahontas “saved” John Smith, she was showing him that he would be protected if he were faced with danger. In “True Relation” Smith didn’t want to brag about his adventures, “he wanted to inform readers about the land and people of Virginia” (Lemay). Smith was notorious for having adventures that would certainly entertain for centuries. He might have not been in a good place in his life and wanted to lessen the fact that he was

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