Why Did President Hoover Lose The Great Depression On Mexican Americans?

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he most shocking thing that I learned in this unit was that President Hoover was a nativist. Hoover was a man that did not care about the poor, or humanity. History has always shown that hoover only cared about the wealthy. When People in dirty tenements, and the homeless reached out to Hoover for help and Hoover did nothing. It 's even more surprising to know that Hoover blamed the great depression on Mexicans. Having Anglo workers and citizens is one of the most unhuman thing I have heard of coming from a president. Although getting undocumented Mexicans out was cruel, it was somewhat reasonable. As if for those Anglo citizens who got deported, it is completely un American and very cruel. Being a citizen meant leaving what other life they had in the former countries, meaning these people had nowhere to go. Getting kicked out of one 's home is the most undesirable thing a family faces. Being kicked out of the US wasn’t all, but before getting kicked out Anglo, Mexican Americans were taking all of the hard jobs nobody wanted. When the depression hit, depression was even worse for Mexicans. Anglo 's were…show more content…
The "illegal" ideology has always been disgusting to me but, I didn’t really know how it was built. Nativists were powerful enough to start the "illegal" status towards Mexicans. It is humiliation to think America only let in a limited number of Mexican workers in the US. It was also ridiculously expensive to legally cross the border, which was not an option to Mexicans due to their economic fall, and all of the discrimination involving looking for a job. The border has always been seen as an evil place to go through because the way people were treated there; and still do to this day. Mexicans were unfairly and brutally deported, taken away for good. The border was not only to protect the bad from coming in because the bad started being Mexicans after the great Depression was blamed on
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